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DR400 No-staff Laser Receiver

Advanced laser level receiver with  laser distance measurer which measures height of receiver above ground.

No measuring staff required.

Digital height readout of levels anywhere on site.

Incorporates a useful range of additional height calculation functions.

Supplied with holster, hand holder, staff clamp, batteries.

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DR400 No-staff Laser Receiver - Product Overview

The Spectra Precision DR400 DigiRod eliminates the need for a survey staff when checking levels on site with a rotating laser.

The all-in-one combination of laser receiver with digital readout, laser distance meter and integral tilt sensor enables the operator to take accurate level readings instantly anywhere on site.

The DR400 DigiRod Receiver emulates a measuring staff or rod of up to 6m long. The user simply aims the laser measuer at the ground point to be level-checked and raises the receiver into the zone of the level`s rotating laser. There is no need to centralise the receiver on the laser beam - the DR400 will correctly calculate the height and level wherever the laser beam strikes the receiver receptor.

The internal electronic tilt sensor in the DR400 DigiRod automatically corrects the calclated heights and levels when receiver is held out-of-plumb. 

A preset benchmark height can be entered if required, and then all heights will be from site datum.

If required, the DR400 DigiRod can be used with a measuring staff as a standard receiver, with up/down arrows in the display and a bleeper for high/low/on target. In the standard receiver mode the DR400 digitaly displays the height difference from on-target, up to 50mm from above or below the  on-target height.

The DR400 DigiRod can also be used as a stand alone laser distance measurer with a range of up to 50m


Measure ground levels and excavation depths anywhere on site.


  • DR400 DigiRod

    No levelling staff is required. The DR400 DigiRod can be used with any rotating red-beam laser level.

  • No Staff Required

    The DR400 DigiRod uses a laser to determine the height of the device above the ground.

  • Level Calculations

    The DR400 DigiRod has a range of useful height calculations. A ground height may be entered at the site datum, and all other readings will relate to this point.

  • Distance Measurer

    The DR400 DigiRod may be used as a hand-held laser distance measurer with a range of 50m and an accuracy of +/- 2.0mm

DR400 No-staff Laser Receiver - Technical Data

Height Range in DigiRod Mode Emulates 6m Measuring Staff
Tilt Angle Compensation Up to 30°
On-Grade Sensitivities in Std Receiver Mode 6 grades, from Ultra-Fine (0.5mm) to Course (10mm)
On-Grade Sensitivities in DigiRod Mode 3 grades: Auto, 3mm, 6mm
Backlight Yes: on for 30 seconds after keypress
Sounder Yes - in Standard Receiver Mode
Height indication in standard receiver mode Red/green/blue LEDs, LCD display arrows, Digital numerical readout of difference from zero
Elevation Readings in DigiRod Mode Direct Elevation / Indirect Elevation / Cut and Fill
Dust and waterproof IP57
Battery Life 70 hours in standard receiver mode / 1500 measurements in DigiRod Mode
Batteries 4 x 1.5V Type AA
Warranty 3 years full warranty
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DR400 No-staff Laser Receiver - Videos

DR400 No-staff Laser Receiver


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