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Floor Test Hygrometer

Digital hygrometer with humidity box.

Use to evaluate the moisture condition of concrete floors before laying floor finishes.

The humidity box is sealed to the floor and left for up to 48 hours. The relative humidity of the entrapped air indicates the moisture content level of the floor.

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Floor Test Hygrometer - Product Overview

Use to assess the moisture content of concrete floors.

The Digital Humidity Box is left in position for long enough for the entrapped air to reach moisture equilibrium with the floor. Rough or uneven floor surfaces neccessitate the use of hygrometer strip sealant. A floated floor finish will need longer than a rough open finish. 2 or 3 days may be required.

A value for the entrapped air of 75% RH or less is typically considered to indicate that a cement screed or concrete floor is sufficiently dry to cover with a floor finish.


Floor Test Hygrometer - Technical Data

Humidity Measuring Range 20 to 99% RH
Accuracy +/- 5% RH
Temperature Measuring Range 0 to 49.9°C
Battery 3V CR2032
Battery Life 5000 hours
Size 165 x 165 x 50mm

Floor Test Hygrometer - Videos

Floor Test Hygrometer


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