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Supplied with a precise 90° prism which projects the beam at a right angle; use to set corners.

  • Simple to use and accurate
  • Set out 90° corners
  • Supplied with a carrying case
  • Made in Germany

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LASERFIX QL30 - Product Overview

The Quadriga QL30 from Spectra Precision is a very accurate laser spirit level, with a levelling accuracy of 0.3mm per metre.

Projects a level laser beam. Effective range approx 15 metres.

The level sits firmly on three rubber foot pads, and the sensitive vial is set level by turning the finely adjustable levelling footscrew.

Place on a wall, floor or beam and quickly set or check the level across the other side of the structure or work zone.

The level is supplied with a 90°prism which is stored in a recess in the level body when not in use.

The prism magnetically attaches to the front of the instrument, and turns the laser beam at precisely 90° The beauty of the 90°prism (as compared to a mirror) is that it will always turn the beam to exactly 90°, regardless of how accurately the prism is placed in the original laser beam.

  • Laser Beam

    Without the prism attached, the QL30 emits a laser beam, which can be set level by turning the adjustable footscrew until the vial bubble is central.

  • 90° Set-out

    The 90° prism magnetically attaches to the QL30 and turns the laser beam through a precise 90° angle. Useful for setting out corners and partitioning.

LASERFIX QL30 - Technical Data

Accuracy 0.2mm / m
Batteries 3 x 1.5V Type AA

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