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Leica DISTO 3D

The Leica DISTO 3D is a laser survey and setting-out tool designed for use by craftsmen and building surveyors to measure complex rooms and structures.
Ideal for use with CAD systems.

Complete Package:

  • Leica 3D Disto
  • USB stick with 3D Windows Software and licence key
  • RM100 Remote Control
  • Carrying Case and Accessories

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Leica DISTO 3D - Product Overview

Large rooms - no square corners - unusual details - hard to reach - the revolutionary Leica 3D Disto measures it all. A combination of distance and angle measurements determines the precise position of each point, targeted with the integrated camera and captured with the laser beam. The 3-dimensional  data is captured and stored and can be post-processed. 

Location, height, and distance can now be measured in XYZ from one location, in one measurement. It has never been easier to create an as-built record of a complex building structure.

The rugged Leica DISTO 3D can be placed on any stable surface or mounted on a standard survey tripod.

The Leica 3D Disto is controlled by a tablet or laptop on which the  DISTO 3D Windows Software has been installed. Points are aimed at and measurements triggered on the clear, high-resolution screen and the 8x zoom is perfect for longer distances.

WiFi data transfer between DISTO 3D and laptop or tablet.

The real-time display of measurements as drawings on the screen allow on-site completeness checks. At the press of a button data is recorded in standard tables, photos, DXF, and text files.

Note that the package does not include a laptop or tablet - this must be provided by the user. The DISTO package includes the sofware licence for use on an unlimited number of computers.



Innovative Measuring and Surveying with the Leica 3D Disto

  • Measure and draw simultaneously, on site
  • Automatically measure all surfaces, horizontal or vertical: simply define the measurement area and interval and start. No detail is forgotten; all angles and surface irregularities are captured.
  • Unfold mode: change from footprint to face view – to measure wall detail, view or check previously measured values/points.
  • Helpful tools to measure windows and pipe connections reduce the work involved.
  • Automatically create and export drawings with borders and folding marks: data can be printed without the need for further processing.
  • Easily measure from room to room, data fits together
  • Ideal for craftsmen, architects, and engineers, who will benefit from an easy to use measurement solution. 

Data can be processed during the survey. On the complex survey shown here, the user has connected the points by a line on screen as the survey progresses.



Automatic scanning

The DISTO 3D can be set to automatically scan a feature such as a curved window reveal at predetermined measurement intervals.




Video - Introduction to the DISTO 3D



Video - Joiner measuring new doorway


Video - Staircase manufacture


Leica DISTO 3D - Technical Data

Angular Measuring Accuracy 1.2mm at 50m
Measuring Range 0.5 to 50m
Laser dot size at 30m Approx 9 x 15mm
Typical Positional Accuracy at 10m 1mm
Typical Positional Accuracy at 50m 4mm
Levelling Accuracy 2.5mm at 50m
Digital Pointfinder Zoom 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x
Memory Flash Memory 32GB
Communication USB Cable or WLAN
Data Format Import DXF, export DXF, TXT,CSV, JPG
Battery Li-ion rechargeable, 8 hours charge time
Operating time 3D DISTO: 8 hours, Controller: 6 hours
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Leica DISTO 3D - Videos

The new and improved Leica DISTO 3D version 4.0 gives the best performance when used with a tablet rather than the original DISTO 3D controller. The DISTO 3D is not supplied with a tablet: this must be purchased separately by the user. The DISTO 3D will work with Windows 7, 8 or 10 devices and the DISTO 4.0 software.


New improved 3D version 4.0 with Windows tablet


Point set-out and Layout with the Leica DISTO 3D




Leica DISTO 3D


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