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Leica DISTO D110

Pocket sized laser measurer with measurement transfer to a range of devices via Bluetooth®Smart
data transfer.

Use for indoor measuring up to 60m

Conveniently small pocket sized instrument

  • Supplied with factory Calibration Certificate
  • Complete with holster
  • Measure areas and volumes
  • Measure in metres or feet/inches


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Leica DISTO D110 - Product Overview


Leica DISTO™ D110 - the world’s smallest hand held laser distance meter with integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology.

Simply aim the bright laser at the measuring point, press the measure button and take your reading. The DISTO replaces the tape measure for most internal building measuring tasks. Measure distances of up to 60 metres (200ft) single handedly with ease and accuracy,

You can now produce floor plans and sketch easily by connecting the DISTO D110 with the free Leica DISTO™ sketch app on a smartphone or a tablet.

Bluetooth® Smart allows the transfer of measurements from the DISTO D110 directly to the Leica DISTO™ sketch app. Once connected to a compatible device, users can instantly start creating floor plans, sketches and photo-documentation with precise measurements. All documents are saved in the app and can be send by e-mail to make them quickly available.

Whether an interior designer, engineer or building contractor, the Leica DISTO™ D110 will make it easier to get the job done accurately and on time.

The precise  laser distance meter is very simple to use, making it possible for anyone to measure distances or areas. The removable pocket clip enables the device to be kept on a belt or in pocket for easy access by any user.

Proven accuracy and quality from Leica Geosystems.



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Supported Devices: Wireless Connectivity
iPhone 5 Bluetooth® 4.0
iPhone 4S Bluetooth® 4.0
iPad Mini Bluetooth® 4.0
iPad 3 Bluetooth® 4.0
iPad 4 Bluetooth® 4.0
iPod touch (5th Generation) Bluetooth® 4.0
Smart Phones and tablets with Android 4.3/ windows 8 or higher Bluetooth® 4.0


  • Simple to use

    The DISTO D110 is very simple to use - simply aim the laser at the measurement point and press to measure. Read off the dimension. The measuremnt can be transfered to a comptible device if required.

  • Area Measurement

    Measure rectangular wall or floor areas. The DISTO D110 will provide measurements in square metres or square feet.

  • Measurement Transfer

    Measurements from the D110 can be tranferred via Bluetooth®Smart any comptible device, such as a suitably supported tablet, iPad or iPhone iPhone.

  • Handy Pocket Clip

    The handy detachable pocket clip allows the DISTO D110 to be clipped to the user`s pocket.

Leica DISTO D110 - Technical Data

Typical Measuring Accuracy +/- 1.5mm
Measuring Range 60 metres / 200ft
Measuring Units metres / feet and inches
Power Range Technology Yes
Illuminated Display Yes
Free App Available Yes
Data Interface Bluetooth®Smart
Batteries 2 x 1.5V Type AAA
Battery Life Up to 5000 measurements (reduced in Bluetooth® mode)
Protection Rating IP54 (dust and water splash protection)
Dimensions 120 x 37 x 23mm
Weight with batteries 92g
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Leica DISTO D110 - Videos

Watch the DISTO D110 in action

Leica DISTO D110


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