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Leica NA724 Automatic Level

The Leica NA724  from Leica Geosystems is a very high quality automatic optical level for high accuracy levelling on the construction site.

This level is also suitable for high precision industrial and machinery levelling applications.

  • High accuracy 
  • Water and dist resistant
  • Tough
  • Excellent Leica quality optics
  • Degrees scale for simple angle set-out

Supplied with tripod and 5m survey staff


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Leica NA724 Automatic Level - Product Overview

The NA720 series automatic optical levels are water and dust resistant, robust and very reliable.

Over 100 years of development lie behind Leica`s reknowned optics, which ensure good clear reading, even in poor light conditions.

This high quality instrument will will retain its reliability and accuracy  whilst in use on site, giving peace of mind that the highest accuracy is being maintained.

Getting the construction levels correct is the most important job of all - don`t risk disasterous and expensive errors by using poor quality instruments.




  • Superb Optics

    Whether early in the morning, late in the afternoon or the shade, the highest performance is assured. Good optical contrast reduces eye strain.

  • Used Worldwide

    Automatic optical levels from Leica Geosystems are recognised as quite simply the best throughout the whole World. No compromise on quality.

  • Waterproof

    The Leica NA720 series will carry on working through the wet and dirty conditions so often encountered on site. Water resistant to IP57.

  • Engineer`s Choice

    The professional builder, surveyor and engineer demands an instrument that is absolutely reliable and accurate - Leica Geosystems provide it.

Leica NA724 Automatic Level - Technical Data

Telescope Magnification 24x
Std Deviation over 1km DRL 2.0mm
Minimum focus distance 0.5m
Image Upright
Water and dust resistance IP57
Tripod Fitting Standard 5/8"
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Leica NA724 Automatic Level - Videos

Leica NA724 Automatic Level


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