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Protimeter MMS3 Flooring Kit

Professional floor testing kit comprising the multi-function MMS3 moisture meter and floor testing accessories.

Use for invasive and non-invasive testing of floors and other structural areas.

Essential for evaluating solid floors slabs before final finishes are laid in new-build and refurbishments.

Use in flood restoration work and assessment.

      • Measure in-situ relative humidity and temperature
      • Measure surface temperature
      • Measure condensation risk
      • Measure wood-moisture content in pin-mode
      • Data logging
      • Bluetooth Data Transfer

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Protimeter MMS3 Flooring Kit - Product Overview

The Protimeter MMS3 Flooring Kit allows flooring inspectors to take moisture measurements in concrete floor slabs using the relative humidity in-situ probe method. The in-situ humidity test is being adopted worldwide and is considered the most accurate way for contractors and inspectors to ensure that moisture levels in concrete slabs meet the recommended requirements prior to installing a floor covering.

Measurements include:

  • In-situ relative humidity and temperature
  • Relative humidty and temperature of the ambient conditions
  • Infrared surface temperature measurement with laser pointer guide
  • Condensation risk assessment
  • Data logging
  • Non-invasive sub-surface moisture level comparison
  • Pin-probe moisture measurements  in timber.

Kit Contents:

  • 20 Adjustable Humidity Sleeves
  • Carbide tipped masonry drill bit and stop
  • Wire cleaning brush
  • 5 Protimeter Mini Hygrostick Probes
  • Mini Hygrostick Extraction Tool
  • Mini Hygrostick Extension Lead
  • Salts calibration Test Bottle and adapter
  • Data cable and software
  • Carrying case

Floor Test Procedure

Rapidly evaluate the floor moisture level using the non-invasive sub-surface measuring mode.

Drill holes to 40% of the concrete slab depth.

Clean out the drilled holes and insert the adjustable sleeve.


Insert the Protimeter Mini Hygrostick using the insertion tool.

Cap the sleeve and wait for moisture equiibrium.


Measure and record the relative humidity.

Remove the Hygrostick for reuse.
  • Humidity Sleeves

    For insertion into concrete, to 40% of slab thickness. Adjustable to suit from 100 to 150mm concrete thickness.

  • Masonry Drill Bit

    Carbide tipped masonry drill bit with drill stop to enable drilling to correct depth.

  • Cleaning Brush

    For cleaning out the drilled hole. Ideally use with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

  • Mini Hygrostick

    The Mini Hygrostick is inserted into the humidity sleeve, and later removed, using the insertion/extraction tool.

  • Calibrator

    The Mini Hygrostick can be checked at 75% relative humidity with the salt test bottle calibrator.

  • Software

    The MMS3 stores up to 8000 readings with date and time stamping. Free recording software is available for the MMS3.

Protimeter MMS3 Flooring Kit - Technical Data

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Protimeter MMS3 Flooring Kit


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