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PROTIMETER Surveymaster

Dual mode moisture meter used for diagnosing dampness in building structures.

Measure Mode:

Uses the contact pins to give a moisture level value in timber.

Search mode:

Uses radio frequency sensing to detect moisture beneath the finished surface of plaster, screeds, wall tiling and floor coverings, etc.

Supplied with pouch, probe extension leads, calibration checker and batteries.

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PROTIMETER Surveymaster - Product Overview

The  PROTIMETER BLD5365 Surveymaster is used for moisture measurement in buildings. Excessive moisture in buildings will lead to decay and deterioration of components and decorative finishes. Professionals involved with the identification, management and remedy of dampness need tools that help them to:
• Identify the extent of the moisture penetration
• Diagnose the cause of the problem
• Monitor change in the moisture level GE Protimeter moisture meters and hygrometers satisfy these requirements comprehensively. The  PROTIMETER Surveymaster is the industry standard moisture meter for surveying and investigating moisture in buildings, and is widely used by chartered surveyors and other property inspection professionals.

This unique moisture meter has two modes of operation - Search Mode and Measure Mode.

Search Mode

Search mode utilises radio frequency sub surface sensing which will detect the presence of moisture below the finished surface to a depth of approx 19mm. This is particularly useful for detecting moisture ingress below impervious floor coverings such as vinyl or ceramic tiles, or behind wall tiling. Floor screeds and wall plaster can also be checked. The Surveymaster indicates the relative degree of moisture level in Search Mode on a colour coded LED scale, and on a digital numerical scale of 0 - 999.

Measure Mode

Measure mode uses the pin contacts to determine the moisture level in timber, and to a certain extent, the relative moisture levels in other non-conductive materials.

The reading is displayed on the coloured LED bar and the digital display as a percentage from 7 to 99% Wood Moisture Equivalent.

Complete PROTIMETER Surveymaster Kit:

  • PROTIMETER Surveymaster
  • Carrying Case
  • Deep Wall Probes
  • Heavy Duty Extension Pin Probes
  • Calibration Checker
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Battery

24 months on mechanical or manufacturing defects. Does not include wearing part or accessories.

  • Sub-Surface Sensing

    The radio frequency sub-surface sensing mode will detect moisture behind impervious surfaces such as ceramic wall tiling and below vinyl floor covering

  • Pin Mode

    The Surveymaster contact pins are used to test the moisture content of timber, and for comparative assessment of other materials such as brick and plaster.

PROTIMETER Surveymaster - Technical Data

Range (Measure Mode) 7% to 99% Wood Moisture Equivalent
Range (Search Mode) 0 to 999 relative
Display 1 Digital LCD
Display 2 60 LEDs Green (dry), Yellow (at risk), Red (wet)
Auto-off Yes (variable time delay)
Battery 1 x 9V Type PP3
Weight (with battery) 100g
Dimensions 175 x 30 x 48mm

PROTIMETER Surveymaster - Videos

PROTIMETER Surveymaster


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