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Spectra HL760 Laser Receiver

Spectra Precision HL760 Laser Level Receiver

High specification laser level receiver for rotating laser levels with a large selection of special functions.

Use with red or infrared beam laser levels.

A two way radio links the HL760 with either another HL760 receiver for remote viewing, or with the Spectra grading lasers.

      • Muti-function Laser Receiver
      • Digital numerical display
      • Monitoring and off level alarm
      • Fully waterproof
      • 3 Years Warranty

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Spectra HL760 Laser Receiver - Product Overview

The Spectra Precision HL760 Laser Receiver is an extremely versatile laser receiver with a multitude of special functions.

The receiver may be used with red or infrared beam rotaing laser levels.

The laser reception window is 127mm high which provides a generous height reception range, and the digital numerical readout enables a quick evaluation of the height difference away from the zero point.

The Spectra HL760 has a radio link which will connect with the Spectra HV302 and GL420 Series  lasers for grade matching, The HL760 will also connect with another HL760 Laser receiver, enabling remote reading of the first receiver. This is useful if the first receiver is receiving the laser signal in an inaccessible or dangerous location.

The useful range of special functions includes:

  • Selectable sensitivity from 0.1mm to 10.0mm to suit the particular application
  • Choice of clamp position and zero points on receiver, useful where grade readings are mostly above the line. The receiver automatically detects the clamp position
  • Choice of metric or imperial measuring units
  • Choice of sounder volume levels
  • LCD arrows and LEDs indicate laser beam height
  • Digital numerical height readout
  • Select LED brightness
  • Display `Hold`
  • Special Grade alarm function - sounder remains quite until laser moves off zero - useful for monitoring applications when foundation underpinning or jacking, etc.
  • Fully Waterproof

    The Spectra Precision HL760 Laser Receiver is fully protected again water jets, and can be safely hosed down if dropped into mud or wet concrete.

Spectra HL760 Laser Receiver - Technical Data

Operating Range (Radius) up to 430m (depends on laser)
Laser Detection Height 127mm
Numerical Readout Height 102mm
Sensitivities 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 5.0mm, 10.0mm
Fine sensitivity for laser level calibration 0.1mm
Reception Angle 45°
Laser Type Detects red and infra-red lasers
Sounder low: 65dBA, Medium: 95dBA, Loud: 110dBA
LED Level Indicators On Level: Green, High: Red, Low:Blue
Batteries 2 x 1.5V Type AA
Battery Life 60 hours
Dimensions (excluding clamp) 168 x 76 x 36mm

Spectra HL760 Laser Receiver - Videos

Spectra HL760 Laser Receiver


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