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Spectra HV302G

Self-levelling multi-function laser level for interior and external work.

Superbright Green Beam Laser

Fully automatic levelling

Robust waterproof construction

90° setting out

Automatic Grade Match with optional HL760 Laser Receiver and Remote Control

3 year warranty

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Spectra HV302G - Product Overview

Spectra Precision are a long established world leading manufacturer of very reliable, accurate heavy duty laser levels.

The Spectra HV302G is a high quality and high accuracy multi-function laser level, which will fulfil almost any function required of a laser level on site.

The super-bright green-beam laser provides a highly visible line along the wall, ceiling or other structure onto which it is projected.

The laser level is fully automatically self-levelling and can be used in the horizontal or vertical plane.

A split 90° laser beam enables plumb-point transfer and 90° layout.

The extraordinarily rugged construction has a design expectation of being able to withstand a 1m drop onto concrete, or a standard height tripod tip-over.

For long range outdoor use the Spectra HV302G is used with either the basic Spectra HR150U Laser Receiver, or the advanced Spectra HL760U Laser Receiver.

Automatic Grade Matching, which is very useful for drainage work, is done with the optional Spectra HL760U Laser Receiver. The laser level scans up or down to find the laser receiver at its set height, and a radio link between the two enables the laser to be set to the required slope. This is much faster and more accurate than trying to manually set the laser to the required slope.

The PlaneLok function available with the HL760U Receiver and Remote Control is used to lock the laser beam in alignment with the target point - especially useful for vertical cladding applications.


Key Features of the Spectra HV302G

  • Superbright Green-beam laser for maximum visibility
  • Automatic horizontal and vertical self-levelling
  • Very high accuracy 1.5mm /  30m
  • Working range with receiver: 800m
  • Highly visible beam for indoor working
  • 90° laser beams for setting out corners
  • long range (100m) radio remote control 
  • 3 years warranty
  • Superbright Green Laser

    The very bright and highly accurate laser makes the Spectra HV302 ideal for very large area suspended ceiling installation.

Spectra HV302G - Technical Data

Levelling Accuracy +/- 1.5mm per 30m
Operating Diameter (Depending on Receiver model) up to 800m
Rotation Speeds 0, 10,80, 200, 600 RPM
Zone Scan Variable scan widths from spot up to 180°
Laser Type Green Class 3A, max 5mW
Batteries Rechargeable 10,000mAh NiMH
Battery run-time 45 hours
Radio control range 100m
Dust and Waterproof Protection IP66
Automatic PlaneLok Yes - optional HL760 Receiver required
Automatic Grade Match Yes - optional HL760 Receiver required
Warranty 3 years
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Spectra HV302G - Videos

Spectra HV302G


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