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Spectra LP51G

Spectra Precision LP51G 5-beam Laser Level.

Superbright Green Beam Laser

Automatic self-levelling laser.

Set out plumb, level and square with one tool.

  • Ideal for setting out house foundations square
  • Use for setting out partitioning
  • Accurate easy to carry pocket level and square - use it anywhere

Supplied in soft carrying case with magnetic mounting bracket and target.

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Spectra LP51G - Product Overview

The Spectra Precision LP51G is a handy pocket sized laser tool which will provides three horizontal level beams, which are set square, and a vertical up and a plumb down beam.

The bright green laser beam spots are easier to see than red lasers outdoors in daylight

The LP51G has a transport lock to hold the internal mechanism in place during transit.

To use, simply unlock and switch on. 5 lasers beams are emitted which are automatically level and square.

The laser will flash to warn that the level is not level (unit must be placed within approx 5° of level to self-level)

A magnetic bracket is included in the set, which will secure the LP51G to a steel column or channel.

  • Set out partitioning square
  • Set foundation blocks level and square in one easy operation
  • Set timber and metal studwork vertical
  • Use for any quick and simple levelling task
  • Will fit a camera type tripod with a 1/4" fitting


Set foundation blocks level and square with the Spectra  LP51G

Note that the LP51G is a point laser - the pencil-beam laser makes a bright green spot at the target point. You cannot

actually see a green line in the air - the picture shown here is only illustrative. 


  • Set Framing

    The Spectra LP50 can be used to mark up on the ceiling for metal stud wall systems. The plumb down locates the bottom rail, and the point is transferred upwards.

Spectra LP51G - Technical Data

Horizontal Beam Levelling Accuracy +/- 3.0mm per 10m
Vertical Up Beam Levelling Accuracy +/- 3.0mm per 10m
Down Beam Levelling Accuracy +/- 4mm per 10m
Batteries 2 x 1.5V Type AA
Battery Life 20 Hours

Spectra LP51G - Videos

Spectra LP51G


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