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Spectra LT58G Laser Level

3-Plane Superbright Green Beam Laser Level

Ideal for interior contact works, celings, partitions and mechanical services.

        • 1 x 360° horizontal plane laser
        • 2 x 360° vertical plane lasers at 90°
        • Fully self-levelling
        • Rechargeable Li-ion battery 
        • Supplied with magnetic wall bracket

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Spectra LT58G Laser Level - Product Overview

The Spectra LT58G is a compact and versatile laser level suitable for a wide range of levelling and alignment applications.

The superbright green horizontal laser covers a full 360° 

The two superbright vertical plane green lasers cover a full 360°, and are set at 90° to each other, facilitating 90° set-out on the floor.

Each beam is independantly operable.

The Spectra LT58G is fitted with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, and is supplied in a carrying case complete with laser enhancement glasses, charger and magnetic wall/ceiling clamp.




Spectra LT58G Laser Level - Technical Data

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Spectra LT58G Laser Level


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