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Spectra Precision GL422N

Long range high accuracy dual grade laser level.

Set the required grade on the keypad or remote control and the laser will set to that grade.

  • Very high horizontal accuracy of +/- 1.5mm per 30m
  • Long range of 800m diameter (124 acres)
  • Use for concrete aprons and roadways
  • Land drainage and sewers
  • Ideal for use with graders and excavators

Supplied in carrying case with rechargable NiMH battery and charger.

Requires a laser receiver - select one from the list below.

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Spectra Precision GL422N - Product Overview

Long Range, High Accuracy, Dual Grade Laser level.

High performance 2-axis grade laser with superior grade, level and vertical plane capabilities. The required grade for each axis is entered via the keypad on the instrument or optional remote control, and is displayed on the LCD panel.

The GL422N Grade Laser can also self-plumb in the vertical plane, for applications such as anchor bolt installation and curtain walling.

To avoid interference with any other laser crews on site, or for safety reasons, the laser beam can be electronically blanked out on up to any three sides of the instrument.

The Spectra GL422N can be used with any Spectra Precision laser receiver. it is particularly suited for use with the  larger machine mounted laser receivers for digging or grading operations, whereby the driver can check the grade without leaving the cab.

Automatic Grade Match

The Spectra GL422N Laser Level can be used with the Spectra HL760 or CR700 radio linked receiver to very easily enable automatic grade matching. To match a grade the HL760 or CR700 receiver is simply held at the required height and the laser will slope up or down to seek the receiver. When the laser strikes the receiver it will lock the grade at that slope, and the operator can then take the receiver away work across the site following the preset grade. Grade match is very useful for matching the laser to the grade of existing drains and land form.

  • Ideal for grading and excavating
  • Use for long range levelling operations, up to 800m diameter
  • High horizontal levelling accuracy of +/- 1.5mm per 30m
  • Suitable for general construction vertical alignment
  • Set levels for concrete aprons and roadways
  • Manual grading of steep slopes for embankments
  • 5 years warranty


A range of different laser receivers are available for use with the Spectra Precision GL422N laser level, from the basic staff mounted receivers to the large excavator mounted grade laser receivers. See Laser Receivers 

  • Grade Match

    The GL422N laser grade can be set to automatically match the height of the HL760 radio-linked receiver

  • Long Range

    The 800m diameter range of the Spectra GL422N grade laser covers an area of 124 acres. Take on the largest of projects with confidence.

  • Excavator Control

    A grade laser receiver fitted to the excavator dipper arm provides a convenient way for the machine operative to dig trenches to the correct depth.

Spectra Precision GL422N - Technical Data

Horizontal Levelling Accuracy +/- 1.5mm per 30m
Operating Range (with suitable receiver) 800m (diameter), 124 Acres
Levelling Method Temperature Compensated Electronic
Grade Range -10% to +15%
Grade Accuracy 3mm at 30m
Grade Resolution 0.001% up to 9.999%, then 0.01%
Remote Control 2-way communication
Remote Control Range 100m
Standby Mode Yes
Rotation Speed 0, 300, 600 RPM
Batteries 4 x D cell NiMH
Battery Life (Rechargeable) 55 Hours
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Spectra Precision GL422N - Videos

Spectra Precision GL422N


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