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Spectra Precision HV101

Multi-function general purpose laser level.

Suitable for general building work, outside groundworks, interior contract works and HVAC and mechanical services.

  • Fully automatic self-levelling laser level
  • Horizontal rotation for all general purpose levelling applications
  • Vertical rotation for partition walling and 90° layout
  • Brightly visisble laser beam

Supplied with:

  • Carrying Case
  • Wall/Ceiling Mount
  • Laser Enhancement Glasses
  • 2 x D Alkaline Batteries
  • Magnetic Ceiling Laser Target

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Spectra Precision HV101 - Product Overview

The Spectra Precision HV101 is a low cost multi-function general purpose rotating laser level.

This versatile instrument features all the main functions found in a laser level at a very economical price, and is the ideal level for a tradesman who requires the full range of options at the lowest cost.

  • Automatic electronic self-levelling for level and plumb - turn it on and start working
  • Full-function Remote Control for greater versatility
  • Laser can be set to a slope for drainage work, sloped ceilings, etc
  • Variable speed of laser beam rotation
  • Laser can be set to scan in a local zone for a much brighter line
  • Static spot mode for intense laser mark
  • Weatherproof to IP54
  • Use outdoors with the optional HR150U laser receiver.
  • Supplied with wall/ceiling mount
  • Out-of-level warning stops laser if it has had a major disturbance
  • 2 year Warranty


  • Remote Control

    The RC601 remote control can be used to set the laser scanning in just a particular zone, resulting in a much brighter laser line on the wall.

  • Suspended Ceiling

    The Spectra HV101 is suitable for suspended ceiling installation and general HVAC and mechanical and electrical services installation.

  • 90° Layout

    The two laser beams emitted at 90° can be used to set out square for partitioning and building layout.

  • Partitioning

    Quickly set up partitioning systems plumb and square with the Spectra HV101

  • Horizontal Marking

    Marking out a level line around the room with the self-levelling HV101, either in continuous line, scan, or local spot modes of operation is very simple.

  • Site Work

    Use the Spectra HV101 with the optional HR150U Laser Receiver, tripod and staff for general site levelling work such as foundations and driveways.

Spectra Precision HV101 - Technical Data

Levelling Accuracy +/-3mm per 30m
Operating Range Indoors Static Laser visible at 30m
Operating Range with HR150U Receiver 300m (diameter)
Levelling Method Automatic Electronic
Rotation Speeds 0, 50, 200, 600 RPM
`Bright Line` Zone Scan Angles 3°, 8°, 45°, 90°, 180°
Batteries 2 x 1.5 Type D
Battery Life 50 hours

Spectra Precision HV101 - Videos

Spectra Precision HV101


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