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2.4m Laser Staff

2.4m Staff for use with laser level receivers.

Supplied with carrying bag.

In stock


In stock


The Laser Staff is designed for use with laser levels and a laser receiver.

The staff is supplied with a sliding orange coloured receiver mount which may optionally be used with the staff (mount is not shown in this picture).

How to use:

Suppose that you want to check the differences in level across the various corners of a building.

Hold the staff on the first corner or datum point and clamp the receiver at the ZERO point in the middle of the staff. Extend the staff so that the receiver (still on zero) in exactly on target with the laser and clamp the staff at this length.

Then take the staff to the next point to be checked. If that point is at the same height as the first point, then the laser receiver will be showing `on target` again.

If that point is not at the same level, but is higher or lower than the original point, then the laser receiver will need to be moved up or down the staff away from the zero point to get back in line with the height of the laser.

When the receiver is back in line with the laser, the height difference away from the zero point is read directly from off the staff.

This method is very simple and avoids the need to do any subtraction calculations.