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DD120 Cable Avoidance Tool

Leica DD120 Cable Avoidance Tool and Service Locator.

Use to locate live and dead cables, and the route of drains and metal pipes.

Three modes of operation:

  • Power Mode
  • Radio Mode
  • Generator Mode

Indicates service/cable depth when used with the optional DA220 Singal Generator.

Network Rail Approved

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In stock

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It is essential that the location of buried services is established before digging in the ground takes place. In some areas local legislation or contract rules stipulate the use of a locating device before excavation commences.

The Leica Cable locators assist in locating services and are specifically designed to reduce human error and increase site safety with their wealth of intelligent and unique features.

The Leica DD120 locates buried conductive services by receiving electromagnetic signals radiating from them.

Live cables with current flowing are detected with the DD120 in Power mode.

Non-energised cables can be found with the Leica DD120 in Radio mode.

The Leica DD120 is used along with the optional DA220 Signal Generator  for enhanced detection capabilities, including depth of service indication

The Leica DD120 is for use by anyone planning to dig where there may be buried services.

  • Excavation Contractors
  • Utility Installation Contractors
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Pipe Laying Contractors

Drain runs can be followed by sending the optional signal emitting Sonde down the drain, either attached to a drain rod or spool. The Leica DD120 will locate the position of the Sonde in the underground drain.

Special Features of the Leica DD120 are:

  • Starts in Power Mode – ensuring that the most potentially dangerous current carrying services are located first for maximum operator safety
  • Depth of cable or service indication (when used with the Leica DA220 Signal Generator)
  • Hazard Zone – this feature indicates the presence of shallow buried power cables
  • In-built test function
  • High contrast LCD screen with automatic low-light backlight





Additional information

Power Mode Detection Depth

Down to 3m

Radio Mode Detection Depth

Down to 2m

Generator Mode Detection Depth

Down to 3m

Depth Indication (Estimate)

from 0.3m to 3m


6 x 1.5V Type AA

Battery Life

40 hours intermittent use

Environmental Protection


Weight (with batteries)