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Humidity Sleeves 16mm x 45mm

16mm Diameter x 45mm long humidity sleeves for inserting into predrilled holes in masonry of concrete.

Supplied as a pack of 20 sleeves

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In stock


Humidity sleeves are used in the evaluation of floor or masonry moisture content.

The method of using humidity sleeves instead of humidity boxes has two advantages:

  • Provides a more effective Measurement
  • Less obtrusive and more tamperproof

The method of use is:

1. Check that it is acceptable to drill holes in the floor. If it is not, then the humidity box method will have to be adopted.
2. The sleeve test is only suitable for solid slabs where the DPM or underfloor heating etc. is more than 75mm below the surface.
3. Drill a 16mm diameter clearance hole 50mm deep into the floor.
4. Insert the humidity sleeve into the hole, with the flange flush with the floor surface, and fit the sleeve cap.
5. Leave the sleeve in place for at least 24 hours.
6. Remove the sleeve cap and insert a Hygrostick, ensuring that the probe`s rubber sealing cone is sealing the probe in the sleeve.
7. Leave the Hygrostick in place for at least 30 minutes to aclimatise to the conditions within the humidity sleeve.
8. Connect the Hygromaster to the Hygrostick with the extension lead and take the humidity measurement.
9. Check the readings at 5 minute intervals. It can be assumed that the probe has aclimatised when 3 consecutive readings are within +/- 0.3% rh of each other.
10. Measurement readings of less than 80% relative humidity are usually considered to indicate a dry floor.


The Protimeter MMS or Hygromaster is connected to the Hygrostick humidity probe which has been inserted into the Humidity Sleeve in the floor.