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Leica DISTO X3

The DISTO X3 is an advanced function laser distance measurer.

Outstanding measuring range of 150m.

Integral tilt sensor measures slope angle of laser for slope calculations for roofing etc.

Stake-out function with graphic closing-distance display.

  • Use with Plan App for scaled room plans
  • Movement sensor for Smart Room plan app
  • Use with optional DST 360 bracket and tripod for Point-to-Point Measuring
  • 150m measuring range
  • Fully dust and waterproof


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In stock

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Leica DISTO X3

The DISTO X3 is an innovative laser measurer packed with a wide range of advanced measuring functions.

The instrument has a huge measuring range of 150m with an accuracy of just +/-1.0mm.

A built-in slope sensor measures the slope angle of structures, and is used calculate the heights of remote structures.


Plan Measuring Apps

If a room layout is sketched into the DISTO Plan App (available separately) the room measurements from the DISTO X3 can be simply dragged onto the relevant parts of the plan, and the plan will automatically scale.


Use The DISTO X3 with the DISTO Plan app to produce scaled plans


3D Point-to-Point Measurement with DST 360

The DISTO X3 can be used with the optional tripod mounted Leica DST 360 tilt-and-turn electronic angle measuring bracket. This enables the DISTO X3 to measure the distance between two remote and inaccessible points, such as the two points of a structure as shown here.

Aim and measure to point 1, then turn and measure to point 2. The DISTO X3 will calculate and display the distance between the two points.

The DISTO X3 will also display the height difference between the two measured points, the slope length and the true horizontal distance between the two points.

Use the Leica DISTO X3 with the optional DST360 bracket for remote 3D measurements


Waterproof and Rugged

The DISTO X3 has an environmental protection rating of IP65 and is fully waterproof, and may be washed down under running water.

The instruments is designed to withstand a 2m drop to the ground.

The rugged waterproof Leica DISTO X3 will survive the rigour of a construction site



Additional information

Measuring Range



± 1.0mm

Point-to-Point Measuring Accuracy (Requires Optional DST 360)

Approx 1mm per metre

Bluetooth Smart



2 x 1.5V Type AA

Battery Life

4000 Measurements / 8 hours


IP65, 2m Drop Test


Leica DISTO X3 – Almost Indestructible!


Leica DISTO Plan App