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Leica LINO L2G-s

Superbright Green-Beam Line Laser Level

High quality self-levelling cross-line laser level suitable for interior contract work and mechanical services installation

  • Highly visible green vertical and horizontal line lasers
  • TWIST 250 Magnetic wall bracket
  • Magnetic ceiling target
  • Alkaline battery pack

Product No.912932

Soft carrying bag

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In stock


The new Leica LINO L2G is from the next generation of the well known and trusted LINO laser level range.

The L2G has two exceptionally bright green line-lasers for the very best line visibility.

High quality lasers and optics produce bright sharp laser lines right up to the maximum operating range.
A large glass window and the optimum laser emergence angle ensures outstanding laser visibility, and allows for excellent levelling and alignment at long distances.

The Leica Lino is self-levelling and automatically adjusts if it is slightly out of level (up to ± 4°). If the tilt is outside the ± 4° limit, the instrument activates a visual alert to prevent errors.

The LINO L2 may be used free standing, or mounted on the magnetic swivel bracket.

The level may also be set up on a small laser level tripod, or a standard survey tripod.
Rugged design means that all Leica LINOs are dust and spray water protected, making them tough enough for today’s jobsite conditions.

Optional Laser receiver for outdoor operation.

When working outdoors, or in bright light, it can be difficult to see the laser line as the distance increases.

The new Leica Laser Receiver RGR 200 enable the laser line to be located at a range of up to 80 metres.

The laser receiver may be hand-held, and used to locate the laser line on a wall, floor or ceiling, or it can be attached to a measuring staff to check the height of the laser across an open area such as a new concrete floor.



Additional information

Levelling Accuracy

± 0.2mm / m


Up to 25m (dependent on ambient lighting level)

Range with Laser Receiver


Horizontal Line Levelling Accuracy

0.3mm / m


3 x 1.5V Type AA

Environmental Protection


Tripod Mounting Thread

1/4” (camera tripod) and 5/8” (survey tripod)


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