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Leica LINO L6G

3-Plane 360° Laser level for interior contract work

  • One horizontal 360° green line laser
  • Two vertical plane 360° green line lasers set square
  • High visibility green ultra-power laser diodes
  • Self-levelling/plumbing
  • Adjustable alignment base unit
  • Operating range of up to 35 metres indoors
  • Li-Ion power for up to 11 hours operation

Supplied with charger, adjustable height wall bracket, magnetic wall bracket and hard carrying case.


Product No.912971

In stock


In stock


The Leica LINO L6Gis a versatile self-levelling line laser which projects 3 continuous 360° highly visible green-beam line lasers .

The horizontal line laser is ideal for a great number of indoor levelling tasks, and the two vertical plane lasers are set at 90°, and can be used to set out on the floor.

The laser beam can be set to three different brightness levels, allowing the user to choose between either the brightest line or longer battery life.

For maximum versatility in all situations, the laser level is supplied with a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, an alkaline battery pack, and can also be run on site from the mains via the charger.

The Leica LINO may be used free standing, or mounted with either the magnetic mounting bracket, or the adjustable ceiling mount. The LINO laser level can also be mounted on a tripod with a 1/4″ fitting. See Tripods.

A robust hard plastic carring case keeps the set safe for storage and transport.

The Leica LINO LG6 projects one continuous 360° horizontal around the room, and two vertical plane 360° lines lasers, which are set at 90° to each other.


The two vertical plane green-beam line lasers intersect at 90° and can be used to set out square on the floor.


The Leica LINO L6G projects a horizontal 360° green laser around the room. Ideal for interior fit out work, including cabinet and suspended ceiling installallation.








Data Sheet

Leica Lino L6G Data Sheet