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Leica LINO P5

5-Beam red laser pointer level.

Use to set out level and square in one operation.

Use plumb beams to transfer point from floor to ceiling.

  • Supplied with Leica TWIST 360 magnetic mounting bracket
  • Red Target Card
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Hard carrying case

In stock


In stock


The Leica P5 projects 5 pencil-point beams which make a bright red laser spot at the targets point (the lasers do not make a visible red `line` in the air).

The three horizontal beams are self-levelling, and the two beams projected from the sides are at 90° to the forwards beam.

The Leica LINO P5 is thus very useful for setting out level and square in one operation, and is ideal for setting out the foundations of smaller buildings such as domestics garages and extensions.

The 2 two plumb beams can be used to transfer a point from floor to ceiling, or ceiling to floor.

The Leica TWIST 360 removable magnetic bracket enables the LINO P5 the be mounted onto steel columns or studwork.

The Leica LINO P5 is supplied with the TWIST 360 magnetic bracket, alkaline batteries and a red laser target card in a sturdy hard plastic carrying case.




Additional information

Visible Range

Up to 30 metres indoors (visible range will reduce in bright daylight)

Levelling Accuracy

±2mm / 10m

Self-levelling Range

Within 4° of level


3 x 1.5V Type AA

Battery Life

30 Hours

Protection Class

IP54 (dust and splash water protected)

Operating Temperature

-10° to +50°C

Tripod Mounting Size

1/4" and 5/8" Thread (Camera tripod and survey tripod thread sizes)