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Leica DISTO X6

Multi-function laser distance measurer with 250m range and digital viewfinder.

Use for internal and external measurement surveys.

Range up to 250 metres.

  • Save up to 300 measurement points
  • Use with the new upgraded plan-app
  • 1.0mm typical basic accuracy
  • Digital zoom rangefinder
  • Image, screenshot and data storage

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In stock


The Leica DISTOâ„¢ X6 is the latest DISTO product with 3D measuring capability, with an impressive measuring range of up to 250m, and millimeter accuracy.

The DISTO X6 has a digital target viewfinder which enables long distance measuring out in daylight when it is impossible to physically see the laser beam spot with the naked eye. The touch screen display and alternative measure button on the side of the instrument make the device even easier to use.

A range of Leica DISTO measuring apps are available, from the free sketch app to the more advanced plan apps. Alternatively, all measurements, along with an image of the measurement point, can be stored and downloaded via the USB-C interface as a 2D or 3D dxf. file for further CAD work; up to 1000 measurements with images can be stored.

Standard DISTO X6 Measuring Functions:
Standard Distance Measurement

Minimum and Maximum recorded

Angle of laser incline

Remote height measurement (eg height of roof ridge) calculated automatically from distance and laser slope angle.

Area and volumes

Area of Triangle

Room corner angle

Stake-out of regular dimension