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PROTIMETER Hygromaster 2

The Protimeter Hygromaster 2 is a powerful and versatile thermo-hygrometer.

  • Measure relative humidity
  • Measure air temperature
  • Infrared surface temperature measurement
  • Dew point and condensation risk assesment
  • Supplied in a carrying case with USB lead and instruction manual.

Free data logging software download available.

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The Protimeter Hygromaster 2 measures air temperature, relative humidity and surface temperature.

The Hygromaster is an invaluable tool for for evaluating the moisture content of solid floors before laying timber or other finishes. The Hygromaster is very useful for measuring the relative humidity and moisture content of air in buildings for condenstion risk assements and other industrial applications.

The Hygromaster is supplied with either a short Quickstick probe, for general use, or with the longer Hygrostick, which is used for floor testing aplications as well as general use.

When used for evaluating the moisture of solid floors, the Hygromaster is generally used with either a floor humidity box or floor sleeves. A probe extension lead is required to connect the Hygromaster to the probe which is either inserted into the humidity box or floor sleeve.

The infrared thermometer has a laser pointer to indicate the area of surface being measurered, and by also measuring the moisture in the air, calculates the dew point and condensation risk.

The Hygromaster 2 supports manual and continuous data logging, using free downloadable Protimeter software.

Additional information

Infrared Surface Temperature Range

-20°C to 80°C

Temperature Accuracy

± 2°C

Hygrostick Data (Nominal) 30% to 40% RH

± 3%RH at 20°C

Hygrostick Data (Nominal) 41% to 98% RH

± 2% RH at 20°C

Short Quickstick Operating Range

0% to 100% RH

Data Storage (Manual)

8000 Results with date and time stamp

Data Storage (Automatic Logging)

6100 results


Colour LCD


1 x 9V

Manufacturer's Warranty

2 years