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Spectra CR700 Laser Receiver

Machine mountable laser receiver with magnetic mounting bracket.

Mounts on the excavator dipper arm and allows the machine operator to check levels and grade from the cab.

  • Super-bright LED cluster level indicators
  • Wide recetion angle of 200°
  • Radio link for automatic grade matching (with compatible laser levels)
  • May also be used with a standard survey staff – clamp supplied

In stock


In stock


The Spectra CR700 Receiver allows the excavator driver to check levels and grade from his cab, greatly increasing productivity and reducing labour costs.
Safety on the jobsite is improved as a rodman is not needed in the trenches.
The CR700 can be mounted on a machine with the strong magnetic mounting bracket, or simply mounted on a standard survey staff when required, with the staff clamp supplied with the unit.
Super bright LEDs can be seen in all working conditions from the operator position in the cab.
The CR700 features an audible signal, that may be varied in volume or swiched off as needed.
Laser level pairing technology (with compatible laser levels) eliminates any confusion with multiple lasers on a jobsite; the CR700 with only detect the laser beam from a paired laser level.
Digital readout in millimeters of the height difference from `on target`, up to 50mm above or below target.
Variable `on target` precision settings, from 0.5mm for ultra-fine work, to 25mm for exacator operation.
Fully waterproof with rugged rubber edges to withstand arduous site conditions.

The Spectra CR700 magnetically attaches to the excavator dipper arm, and is ideal for small to medium sized machines. The ultra-bright cluster LEDs are clearly visible from the cab.


The CR700 avoids the need for an extra man to hold the receiver and staff, or for the operator to have to keep leaving the cab to check the levels himself. A real time-saver, and a boon in wet and muddy conditions.



Grade Match Function

The Spectra CR700 has a radio link with the more advanced Spectra laser levels, (HV302, HV302G, and the GL412N and GL422N grade lasers.

Grade match is a real time saver, and is used to automatically set the slope of the laser to match existing site features, such as the slope between an existing drain invert at one end of a site and a new connection point some distance away.

The CR700 is simply held at the required height, and the laser set to automatically match the grade; the laser will slope up or down seeking the receiver, and when it has located the receiver will lock the grade at that slope. The receiver can then be taken away and used to complete the work, following the grade which has been locked by the laser level.



Additional information

Working Range


Laser Detector Sensor Height


Radio Range


Laser Reception Angle

200 degrees

On-Target Precision Settings

0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 5.0mm, 10.0mm, 25.0mm

Detection Spectrum

610nm to 780nm (infrared to visible red)


3 x 1.5V Type AA

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Automatic Shut-off

30 minutes

Dimensions (without clamp)

98 x 200 x 37mm




3 years