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Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser

Small diameter Pipe laser for drain and sewer installation.

Gradient is entered via keypad.

Fits inside a 100mm diameter pipe.

Supplied with:

  • Remote Control
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and charger
  • Pipe target set
  • Carrying case

In stock


In stock



The Spectra DG211 pipe laser will fit inside a 100mm diameter pipe


Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser

The Spectra DG211 is a simple-to-use Pipe Laser Level for drain and sewer pipe installation.

The required drain gradient is entered via the keypad on either the instrument or the remote control, and the laser will automatically set to the correct grade.

Trench alignment is set via the left/right controls on either keypad.

A digital cross-alignment vial indicator on the display indicates which way to manually rotate the pipe laser so that it is sitting correctly during use.

Key features of the Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser:

  1. Small diameter – fits inside a 100mm diameter pipe
  2. Grade range: -20% to + 30%
  3. IP68 protection  (waterproof)
  4. Use with either rechargeable battery pack or 4 x Alkaline size C cells
  5. 36 hours run time with rechargeable battery
  6. 3 years warranty

Complete Kit supplied with:

Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser Level

Li-ion rechargeable Battery

Battery Charger

Alkaline battery pack

Short removeable screw-in legs

Remote Control with 2 x AA alkaline batteries

Pipe Target set

Instruction manual


Additional information

Accuracy (Level)

± 1.5mm per 30m

Accuracy (On Gradient)

± 9mm per 30m


Up to 150m under optimal conditions

Laser Type

Red, Class 3A/3R

Grade Range

-20% to + 30%

Self-levelling Range

– 10% to +35%

Rechargeable Battery

36 Hours running time

Battery Charging Time

6 Hours

Alkaline Battery Back Up

4 x 1.5V size C cells

Dust and Waterproof


Product Length


Product Diameter


IR Remote Control Range (Front)

Facing front of Pipe laser: 150m

IR Remote Control Range (Rear)

Facing rear of pipe laser: 10m