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Spectra GL622N Dual Grade Laser Level

Long Range High Accuracy Dual Grade Laser Level.

Set the required grade using the instrument keypad or RC803 remote control.

Automatic Grade Match with the Radio Linked HL760 Laser Receiver.

Supplied with:

  • Rechargeable Battery Pack and Charger
  • HL760 Radio Linked Laser Receiver
  • RC803 Radio Remote Control
  • Carrying Case
  • 5 Year Warranty


In stock


In stock


Spectra Precision GL622N Grade Laser

Dual Grade Laser Level with +/- 25% Grade Range on both axes
Easy-to-Use and Full-Featured Automatic Self-Leveling

The GL622N is supplied with the RC602N full-function radio remote control. Both the remote control and laser level have a large, intuitive graphic display and keypad that make setups easier and faster than ever. The displays are also backlit for ease of viewing.

The ability to make grade changes and start automatic alignments remotely with the 150m range remote control can significantly reduce setup time and speed operations.
The GL622N Laser Level is supplied with the HL760 Digital Receiver that provides a digital readout of elevation and can be used at an operating diameter of up to 800 metres (2,600 feet).
The CR700 is also an option when a magnetic machine mounted receiver is required.

The HL760 Laser Receiver enables several advanced features of the GL622N Laser Level:

Grade Match: Wireless communication between the HL760 Digital Receiver and the transmitter provide automatic Grade Matching which allows the measurement and setting of grade between two points on site.

Plane-Lok: For applications that require maximum stability, PlaneLok is available in both the horizontal and vertical planes. PlaneLok automatically locks the beam on the receiver and keeps it on grade or alignment.
This is particularly useful for maintaining the alignment on plan of vertical structures.

Automatic axis alignments can be accomplished by positioning the receiver at the direction hub in a range of +/-40° at the desired laser axis. This allows simple dual axis alignments for grade work applications such as sports fields, car parks, tennis courts, driveways or any irregular field with non-perpendicular grade profiles.



Advanced Features and Functions of the Spectra GL622N

  • Automatic electronic self-leveling provides fast, easy horizontal level, grade, and vertical plumb setup
  • Large compensated grade range from -25% to +25% (not simultaneously on both axis)
  • Electronic Leveling Vibration Filter dampens vibrations typically experienced on tall tripods, in high winds or on high vibration jobsites.
  • Automatic Axis Alignment on the GL622N provides precise automatic axis alignments to a desired alignment point
  • Grade Match measures and displays the existing grade over unknown ground levels for fast setting-up
  • PlaneLok automatically locks on to an existing elevation or vertical alignment point to eliminates drift during the duration of the job
  • Very rugged, survives a 1 m (3 ft) drop on concrete – reduces service and repair costs
  • Selectable Electronic Mask on any of the 4 sides prevents interference with other crews on the jobsite, and avoids pointing the laser into restricted zones, such as traffic or people.
  • Adjustable rotation speeds plus Scanning Mode on the GL622N increase the versatility of the laser allowing use in interior applications
  • The HL760 Digital Receiver can communicate with another HL760 for long-range wireless remote display and monitoring.
  • The GL622N is moisture and dust sealed to IP67 to withstand tough construction environments.