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Spectra HV101

Multi-function general purpose laser level.

Suitable for general building work, outside groundworks, interior contract works and HVAC and mechanical services.

Fully automatic self-levelling laser level
Horizontal rotation for all general purpose levelling applications
Vertical rotation for partition walling and 90° layout
Brightly visisble laser beam
Supplied with:

  • Carrying Case
  • Wall/Ceiling Mount
  • Laser Enhancement Glasses
  • 2 x D Alkaline Batteries
  • Magnetic Ceiling Laser Targe

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In stock

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Spectra Precision HV101 multi-function general purpose rotating laser level.

This versatile instrument features all the main functions found in a laser level at a very economical price, and is the ideal level for a tradesman who requires the full range of options at the lowest cost.

  • Automatic electronic self-levelling for level and plumb – turn it on and start working
  • Full-function Optional Remote Control for greater versatility
  • Laser can be set to a slope for drainage work, sloped ceilings, etc.
  • Variable speed of laser beam rotation
  • Laser can be set to scan in a local zone for a much brighter line
  • Static spot mode for intense laser mark
  • Weatherproof to IP54
  • Use outdoors with the optional HR320 laser receiver.
  • Supplied with wall/ceiling mount
  • Out-of-level warning stops laser if it has had a major disturbance
  • 2 year Warranty


Spectra HV101 used for suspended ceiling installation


Spectra HV101 used for on-site levelling with optional receiver, available separately.


Setting out a 90° corner with the Spectra HV101, using the static point-beam laser and the rotation beam.


Using the optional RC601 remote control to quickly set the laser beam alignment parallel to the proposed partition line. Essential aid for when setting the laser over longer distances.


Marking out a datum line on a wall. The laser can be set to either rotate continuously, or set to scan in a narrow localised zone to make a shorter but brighter line. The laser line can be seen on the wall indoors; the optional receiver unit can be used to locate the laser line under bright lighting or outdoors.

Additional information

Levelling Accuracy

± 3mm per 30m

Operating Range Indoors

Static Laser visible at 30m

Operating Range with HR150U Receiver

300m (diameter)

Levelling Method

Automatic Electronic

Rotation Speeds

0, 50, 200, 600 RPM

'Bright Line' Zone Scan Angles

3°, 8°, 45°, 90°, 180°


2 x 1.5V Type D

Battery Life

50 hours