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Spectra LL100N

Self-Levelling Laser level for general groundworks and levelling.

Fully rainproof for all-weather use.

Suitable for:

Brick and blockwork
Supplied with

HR320 Laser Receiver
2 x D Alkaline Batteries
Carrying Case

In stock


In stock

Total: £375.00


The Spectra Precision LL100N is a fully automatic self-levelling laser level for horizontal levelling operations.
Designed for outdoor use with a laser receiver which locates the laser height.

The ideal general purpose builder`s level; use for foundation trenches, setting masonry levels, concrete paving and floor slabs.

Simple to use, just switch the instrument on; it will level up and then run. The level continuously monitors and corrects itself and maintains level.
The Spectra LL100N can be used with the optional remote control RC601 which sets the laser to a slope for applications such as drainage.

  • Good quality laser level at a very competitive price
  • Simple to use
  • Height of instrument alert stops the laser if it has had a major disturbance which could affect the levelling height
  • Fully rainproof – use in all weathers.
  • Supplied with high quality rainproof Spectra HR320 Laser Receiver and staff clamp
  • Receiver has dual sided display and very loud sounder
  • 2 year warranty


The Spectra LL100N Laser Level and receiver is a robust easy-to-use site laser level suitable for all general purpose levelling tasks.

All General on-site levelling applications

Use the Spectra LL100N for all general purpose levelling tasks on site:

  • Ground levelling
  • Digging foundation trenches
  • Drain laying
  • Concrete floor laying
  • Screed levelling
  • Brickwork and blockwork


The rotating horizontal laser is used as a reference plane across the working area, and is located with the Spectra HR320 laser receiver. The receiver may be staff mounted or hand held.



Additional information

Operating Range with HR320 Receiver

300m Diameter

Levelling Accuracy

± 3mm per 30m

Self-Levelling Range

± 5 degrees

Water Resistant

Yes, to IP54 rating

Laser Rotation Speed

600 RPM

Removable Rotor Guard


Levelling Control

Automatic Electronic Self-Levelling

Slope Control

With Optional Remote Control

Major Disturbance Alert



2 x 1.5V Type D

Battery Life

80 Hours


2 Years