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Spectra LR30 Laser Receiver

Spectra Precision LR30 Laser Receiver.

Machine mounted laser receiver, used for general grading on dozers, backhoes and levellers.

The LR30 is attached to the excavator arm, and the machine operator can check the grade and depth of digging operations by observing the receiver display, without having to leave the cab.

Supplied with:

Carrying Case
Rechargeable Battery Pack
240V charger
The optional MM-1 Magnetic Mounting Bar is available separately.

In stock


In stock

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Spectra Precision LR30 Laser Receiver.

Machine mounted laser receiver used for general grading on dozers, backhoes and levellers.

The Spectra Precision LR30 has 360° receiver coverage, and a 170mm high laser reception window.

The large red and green grade indicators on the LR30 are clearly visible from the machine cab, and the operator can check and work to the correct grade single handedly without leaving the machine.

The LR30 can be quickly removed from the machine after use for safe storage.

The magnetic receiver attachment can be simply transferred to any other machine as required.

The LR30 is supplied with rechargeable batteries, but may be powered directly from the vehicle battery (12 to 24V) with the optional 7.6m power cable.

  • Five channels of grade information
  • Three selectable tolerances to suit the job in hand, from rough grading to fine finishing
  • Full 360° laser reception
  • Ultra-bright LED display can be seen under any conditions
  • Automatic Shut off
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Optional direct power connection from machine
  • Rugged waterproof construction
  • 2 Years Warranty

Excavator Control

The LR30 is used on larger excavators and dozers. Long range and 360° coverage simplify the machine drivers digging and grading operations.


Magnetic Mount

The LR30 can be secured to the machine dipper arm with the optional MM-1 Magnetic Mount. The super-strong magnets hold the receiver firmly in place.

Additional information

Number of display channels


On-grade sensitivities

Fine: 5mm, Standard: 12mm, Course: 32mm

Vertical Reception


Battery Life (Rechargeable)

40 to 50 hours