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Spectra LT52 Red Beam Laser Level

Superbright line lasers – much brighter than standard line lasers

Versatile multi-Function Point and Line Laser Level.

Line lasers for interior vertical and horizontal alignment and levelling.

Point lasers for levelling and squaring indoors and outdoors.

  • Horizontal and vertical cross-line lasers
  • 5-point spot beam laser
  • Magnetic Mount

Supplied in moulded carrying case.

In stock


In stock


Multi-purpose point and line laser level.

The Spectra LT52 laser is fully automatically self-levelling, and very simple to use.

The super-bright horizontal and vertical crossline lasers are the brightest in the industry and are ideal for internal levelling and alignment jobs.

The five point lasers are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors for levelling, plumbing, and setting out square.

The Spectra LT52 is supplied in a carrying case with a useful magnetic mounting bracket.

A larger wall/ceiling bracket with a ceiling trim clamp and magnetic attachment plate is also available.

The Spectra LT52 may be used either free standing or mounted on a tripod, and will fit tripods with either a 1/4″ (camera type fitting) or a standard 5/8″ fitting survey tripod.


The Spectra LT52 in line mode projecting a super-bright vertical plane red laser. 


The Spectra LT52 emits a horizontal and a vertical red line laser. The LT52 laser is one of the brightest in the industry.


The 5 point beam lasers are shown diagrammatically here. The lasers make a red spot at the target point. The three horizontal beams are both level and square. The two vertical beams can be used to transfer a point from floor to ceiling.


The Spectra LT52 is supplied in a carrying case with target card and red laser enhancement glasses.